Our Legacy

We are eternally grateful for our loyal customers who have made Village Farms Greenhouse Grown the stellar consumer brand it has become today. But many of you would also like to know about the people behind the brand who have worked to get us where we are today. We would be remiss if we did not tip our hats to show our gratitude to all of our employees who have gone the distance with us throughout our journey. We thank you!

Since 1989, Village Farms has focused on people, passion, and perseverance within the greenhouse grown fresh produce industry. This is largely due to the incredible drive of our deeply dedicated employees. We are proud to have cultivated a family of hard-working individuals that ultimately have made Village Farms what it is today; A trusted brand of unique, full of flavor, fruit & vegetable varieties our customers can depend on. The core of our value proposition lies in the strength of our people, and because of this we are rich in a legacy of committed individuals.

We value and depend on our people, who take take the responsibility of growing, marketing, and distributing food for human consumption as a earnest & sincere endeavor. All of our employees across the board, no matter what role they may embody, successfully deliver on this promise consistently. We want to acknowledge our people for their loyalty and dedicated service that has allowed us to provide vibrant, healthy, and delicious produce from farm to table each and every day. After all we are heartfelt when we say, “it takes a village”

We can not list every employee however, here’s a list of employees we wish to recognize who have dedicated 20 or more years of service to the company. We are proud to work side-by-side with each day!

20-24 Years of Service

  • Surinderjit Sidhu
  • Carlos Flores
  • Marcel De Vaal
  • Paul Selina
  • William Valmonte
  • Cesar Torres Corrales
  • Carlos Saenz
  • Maria De Jesus Aguilar
  • Margarita Taverez
  • Andy Konidaris
  • Julio Cesar Torres
  • Armando Chavez
  • Juliet  Acosta
  • Margarita Alcantar
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Ilda G. Madrid
  • Jesus Manuel Rubio
  • Meredith Reilly
  • Odilon Valdez Pereira
  • Ely Velasquez Gutierrez

25+ Years of Service

  • Diane Strohm
  • Jonathan Bos
  • Michael Minerva
  • Komm, Chris
  • Joanne Duddy
  • Bernabe Orona
  • Alana Anderson
  • Socorro I. Medina Chacon
  • Rosa Maria Gutierrez
  • Mario Carrillo
  • Candido Martinez-Garcia
  • Michael Bledsoe
  • Stephen Poklemba
  • Juan Tavarez
  • Julian Lara
  • Bret Wiley
  • Gildardo Chavez
  • Wayne S. Smith
  • Andrew Gigante
  • Johannes Van Etten
  • Sukhwinder Nijjar
  • Dirk De Jong

35+ Years of Service

  • Michael A. DeGiglio