Village Farms Amps up Flavor Game with Summer Grilling Campaign


As Seen on The Produce News

Summertime is outdoors time, and this means grill time! We are all in full swing with the grilling and chilling season. Thank goodness Village Farms has just kicked off their “Grillin’ & Chillin” campaign to keep the party going. Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cucumbers are the mainstay of any great barbeque and Village Farms is ready with some usual and unusual ways to make your mealtimes pop. The campaign focuses on recipe ideas shared through Village Farms social media channels and on their website over the next several months created exclusively for Village Farms by their favorite influencers. 

These tantalizing recipes feature Village Farms’ exclusive specialty tomatoes such Heavenly Villagio Marzano®, Maverick Mix®, Cabernet Estate Reserve®, and Cherry no. 9®, as well as their signature tomato varieties Sinfully Sweet Campari®, and the all-new Sensational Sara®. Not to mention their tried-and-true varieties such as Juicy Beefsteak®, Delectable TOV® and Savory Roma® tomatoes, also Sweet Bells® bell peppers, Luscious Long English® cucumbers and Scrumptious Mini® cucumbers.

Nothing like a hot summer day, grillin’ and chillin’ with the wonderful flavors of Village Farms Greenhouse Grown tomatoes. They are ripe and ready to boost your category. Char-grill a vine of Sinfully Sweet Campari® tomatoes to sauce up your burger creations. Then beeline to your beach chair with Campari Watermelon Cooler in hand that is so easy-peasy to prepare. Later skewer up some Heavenly Villagio Marzano® tomatoes and veggies with the kids making grill time fun family time. Summer is the time to add sizzle to your salsa and perk up your tomato offerings with the juicy sweet flavor of Village Farms greenhouse grown tomatoes. We have plenty of easy to prepare plant forward recipes for you to throw on the grill throughout the whole summer season! These recipes boast delicious flavors that also pack in the nutrients that the whole family needs.

Bret Wiley, SVP of Sales and Sales Operations tells us Village Farms is shipping their signature varieties from all their greenhouse locations to meet demand for their sizzling summer retail programs. He tells us, “Product is looking really good and ready for our customer cross- promotional grilling displays, so come and get it while you can”

Try the Tomato Melon Skewers for a fun appetizer with the tantalizing flavor combinations. And the Stuffed Sensational Sara® Snacks have ‘stuffed’ in the name for a reason. You will not be able to stop stuffing them in your belly. Village Farms did not forget about the chillin’ either with Sweet & Savory Ice Pops that make a fast and fun treat.

Let’s get this party started with Village Farms exclusive varieties! And don’t forget to ask us about our point-of-sale programs, custom designed with your consumer in mind. Helen L. Aquino, Director of Brand Marketing & Communication says, “We have a plethora of images and POS opportunities for you to make your grilling season displays fun and family friendly”.

These fun recipes just might be the perfect meal to bring your friends and loved ones together for joyful celebrations that create memories for everyone. We’ve got something for everyone in mind with plant-based ideas and healthy dishes that still have us going for seconds, (and thirds let’s be honest, these recipes are that yummy!)

The Village Farms Greenhouse brand of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers have come to be known for more than 30 years for their sustainable growing practices that are Good for the Earth®.  The company touts that it can grow more food on less land while preserving the planet’s precious natural resources such as water. We can farm in such a way that protects pollinators, reduces food waste, conserves soil, is less chemical intensive, and produces food that is nutritionally dense with the highest level of food safety. All with consistent quality available year-round!

These are just some of the benefits growing food in Controlled Environment Agriculture. Stay tuned for the scoop on the luscious new varietals to come from Village Farms that will put a pucker on your lips because they are loaded with your favorite yummy goodness!

For further information visit our Good for the Earth campaign or reach out directly at about our Grillin’ & Chillin campaign.  And be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!  We are Village Farms, and we know It Takes a Village® to make the world of fresh produce a better place to eat.