The Future is Bright for Village Farms Fresh with a Legacy of World Class Growers


Village Farms Fresh has been growing in greenhouses in North America for the past 35 years. The company operates high-tech growing facilities in the remote Big Bend Region of far west Texas, USA, as well as facilities in Canada in the picturesque Cascadian region of British Columbia. Village Farms Fresh also has a number of partner growers throughout Mexico and for this reason, the company considers itself a “North American-based company” with almost 500 acres in total of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) greenhouse facilities all known for producing an exclusive line of tomato, cucumber, and bell pepper varietals. However, it is the people that work for the company that make this possible.

One characteristic the company is proud of is its impressive employee retention rate. Among their 1,500 employees, there are more than a few individuals who have been with Village Farms Fresh since the company was founded in 1989. Two employees who have been with Village Farms for over 26 years and are responsible for the company’s farms in British Columbia and Texas are Dirk de Jong and Arie van der Giessen. Both have an interesting history with the company since they immigrated together from their home country of the Netherlands, the birthplace of high-tech greenhouse agriculture, to the USA. They both coincidentally also come from a long line of greenhouse growers. This growing legacy is what Village Farms Fresh is known for and helps guide the next generation of growers in the company while fueling innovation.

Dirk de Jong, Vice President, Regional Facility Manager in BC, Canada, recalls, “I was raised in a greenhouse. My mom and dad had a small family farm, and along with my brothers and sisters, we all pitched in to do everything that was needed in the greenhouse. I learned from an early age what it takes to run a business. I have been around plants and greenhouses since I could first walk. Today, I do not see my job as work because I enjoy what I do every day immensely.”

Arie van der Giessen, Vice President, Regional Facility Manager for Marfa & Fort Davis, Texas, tells a similar story. His father had a small farm, and he remembers always being in the greenhouse from the time he was a child. He says he has always enjoyed being in this type of environment and describes it as “his passion.” He adds, “I get paid for my hobby.” Arie also notes, however, “Back in the early days, we did not have the convenience of the automation we have today in greenhouse growing, and this has evolved tremendously, creating efficiencies in labor, plant health, and food safety.”

One such innovation is an AI tool used to predict optimum climate conditions in the greenhouse for autonomous growing by Crop Controller Blue Radix. This technology helps in precisely controlling the greenhouse environment, optimizing temperature, humidity, and light conditions to maximize plant health and yield while minimizing resource use. This cutting-edge tool exemplifies Village Farms Fresh’s commitment to integrating advanced technology to enhance sustainable agricultural practices.

Village Farms Fresh’s focus on innovation is not limited to technology alone. The company actively engages in sustainable practices, such as water recycling systems and integrated pest management, reducing the environmental footprint of their operations. By implementing such practices, Village Farms not only boosts efficiency but also ensures that their farming methods are environmentally responsible. Village Farms Fresh was recently recognized as a “Giga Guru” by its valued retail partner Walmart as part of their carbon reduction initiative called Project Gigaton.

Moreover, the company’s dedication to its employees is reflected in its comprehensive training programs and career development opportunities. These programs aim to equip employees with the skills needed to excel in modern greenhouse management, emphasizing both traditional agricultural knowledge and the latest technological advancements. This holistic approach ensures that the workforce remains competent, motivated, and aligned with the company’s vision of sustainable and innovative agriculture.

Village Farms Fresh’s story is one of growth, innovation, and community. From its roots in the Netherlands to its expansive operations across North America, the company continues to lead the way in high-tech greenhouse agriculture. With a strong foundation built on the expertise and dedication of its employees, Village Farms Fresh is well-positioned to continue its legacy of producing high-quality produce while embracing the future of farming.

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About Village Farms Fresh

Village Farms Fresh, a wholly owned subsidiary of Village Farms International, Inc. (Nasdaq: VFF), is one of the largest growers, marketers, and distributors of premium-quality, greenhouse-grown fruits, and vegetables in North America. The food the company’s farmers grow is all harvested by hand from environmentally friendly, soil-less, glass greenhouses daily while utilizing the highest level of food safety standards available. The Village Farms Greenhouse Grown® brand of fruits and vegetables are marketed and distributed primarily to local retail grocers and dedicated fresh food distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Since its inception, Village Farms Fresh has been guided by sustainability principles that enable the company to grow food 365 days a year that not only feeds the growing population but is healthier for people and the planet. Village Farms Fresh is Good for the Earth® and good for you. Good for the Earth® and Garden Fresh Flavor® are not only taglines for the company but the value proposition Village Farms Fresh lives by.  And this is why it Takes a Village® to deliver on this promise.