Village Farms Launches Stackable Snackables


Village Farms’ has launched a new topseal program for of their exclusive specialty snacking tomatoes. Available in 10oz sized containers now available are Heavenly Villagio Marzano®, Cabernet Estate Reserve®, Cherry no 9®, Lip Smackn’ Grape®, Maverick Mix™, and Village Farms’ newest tomato variety Lorabella Blossom®. The clear topseal label-film rimmed with fun and lively designs depicting the spirit of each variety are all original illustrations as part of the ‘Stackable Snackables’ line created exclusively by Village Farms.


Village Farms is challenging consumers to ‘Snack with Impact’ to encourage healthy snacking through their new ‘Stackable Snackables’ program. Retailers are embracing the program for its three-fold benefits; more items per square inch of merchandising space allowing five high container stacking, increased shelf life compared to bags or clamshells and reduced plastic waste compared to clamshells making topseal better for the environment. According to Helen L. Aquino, Director of Brand Marketing & Communications for Village Farms, “Increasing dollar sales in the same shelf space and reducing the potential of out of stock all while improving labor efficiency with less restocking are all benefits with this program. Plus reducing shrink by increasing shelf life with topseal containers provides an important benefit for our retail partners.”

Village Farms Stackable Snackable program is designed to make healthy snacking fun and easy for consumers with the high impact graphics enticing consumers to ‘Snack with Impact’. For more information visit Village Farms’ website at