Mom-Approved Snack Boards: Village Farms Moms Recommend Flavor Forward Varieties to Celebrate this Mother’s Day


It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and you may be thinking about ways to make the day a special one for Mom. How about creating a snack board customized to Mom’s taste for a perfectly delicious way to celebrate the Day?  Village Farms would like to share with you some of their favorite snack board ideas featuring all of the flavor forward greenhouse grown specialty tomato, pepper and cucumber varieties the company grows, along with a menagerie of other unique ingredients Moms love.  We also gathered key insights from several Village Farms’ Moms to find out what excites them when putting together mouth-watering snack board options for their families featuring their favorite Village Farms’ varieties and what they would appreciate most in a snacking experience.  Please enjoy these ideas, and we hope that they inspire you to create your own unique tribute to Mom using her favorite flavors from ingredients customized for an awesome and unique snack board this Mother’s Day just like she is.

First up, is a healthy medley of fresh fruits and vegetables on a board called, “It Isn’t Easy being this Cheesy”, including Village Farms Scrumptious Mini® cucumbers, Lip Smackn’ Grape® tomatoes, combined with savory cheeses for a delicious combination Mom will surely enjoy. Add nachos and a roasted salsa for a spicy punch to serve Mom as a wonderful pre-game to brunch on her special day.  

According to Village Farms Digital Marketing Manager, and mom to a budding toddler, Tiffany Bennett, “Snack boards are the best!  It’s so fun watching my daughter explore all the different flavors. She’s especially intrigued by Village Farms’ Scrumptious Mini® cucumbers. My whole family loves the variety of flavors a snack board offers for a casual dining experience. Especially now, as the weather is getting warmer, and we spend more and more time outdoors dining al fresco.”

Pictured: Tiffany with her daughter, Isla

Next up is the “I Love You From My Head To-Ma-Toes” snack board. This board is loaded with an abundance of fresh vegetables sure to satisfy your flavor cravings from sweet to savory.  Varieties include Village Farms’ newest Cheeky Sweets® mini peppers, Luscious Seedless Long English® cucumbers, Lip Smackn’ Grapes® tomatoes, and Heavenly Villagio Marzano® tomatoes, packaged on the cutest heart tray with a lovely foil of yummy crackers and a side of assorted spreads.

Krysten DeGiglio, Regional Sales Manager tells us, “As a new mother, I often hear that introducing new foods to little ones can be challenging. I can’t wait for Luca to try Village Farms tomatoes, sweet peppers, and cucumbers. I especially love all our tasty varieties and eat them regularly myself. I am really hoping to get my son into a healthy eating routine, that includes an abundance of plant-based options with relative ease. It may be a few more months until I can introduce pasta and tomato sauce, made from my favorite Village Farms variety, Heavenly Villagio Marzano®.  And, if he is anything like me, he will keep going back for more!”

Pictures: Krysten with her son, Luca

This next snack board is for all the moms we know who may have refined taste or carve a variety of flavors.  It’s called, the “She has Eclectic Taste” snack board. Surprise, delight, and nourish mom with some fresh pop-in-your-mouth tomatoes with a snack board that includes Heavenly Villagio Marzano®Cabernet Estate Reserve®Maverick Mix®Cherry No.9®, and Lorabella Blossom® tomatoes. This board features dried fruit, cookies, nuts, meat, and even chocolate making it a ‘soup to nuts’ party all in one. Hummus, honey, and a yogurt dip were added to this board but use your imagination to amp up the flavors your mom loves most.

Helen L. Aquino, Village Farms’ Director of Brand, Marketing, & Communications says, “Nothing is more satisfying than catching up with my son over a healthy snack board full of fresh ingredients that include an abundance of Village Farms’ specialty tomatoes.  Lorabella Blossom®, Heavenly Villagio Marzano®, Cherry No.9®, Cabernet Estate Reserve® tomatoes. This accompanied by a nice wine, of course, allow us to linger for hours and enjoy each other’s company.  We love all Village Farms snacking tomatoes and with cheese pairings, they make the perfect antipasto. I would say don’t be afraid to be adventurous and unique with your flavor pairings when building your special snack board for Mom”

Pictured: Helen and her son, Avery

We have even created a snack board for those who like to balance the sweetness of tomatoes with the savoriness of a protein-forward option. The “Meat Me in the Middle” snack board pairs well with Village Farms’ sweet and juicy Cherry No.9® tomatoes. It is a meat lover’s dream, and you might even be surprised about how many fruits and vegetables you can sneak in to accompany this array of flavors.

“When it comes to snacking my son and I are “two peas in a pod”. We both love combining the salty pairings of cured meats with the tanginess of tomatoes and other vegetables. Village Farms Cherry No. 9® tomatoes plus, at the end of the day, a nice glass of red, is the perfect flavor profile that has us both falling in love with tomatoes again.”, Vickie Stovall, Village Farms Office Coordinator told us. And Vickie went on to tell us that Matt will be making this exact board for her this Mother’s Day.

Pictured: Vickie with her son, Matt

And if you are looking to really mix it up this Mother’s Day, rather than the usual snack board, why not make a taco board with all your favorite flavorful toppings?  The “Let’s Taco-bout Flavor” snack board has everything to build your own customized tacos. To add a fresh zest of sweet flavors, we love Cherry No.9® tomatoes and Sweet Bells® peppers. The mixture of flavors and variety of offerings appeal to everyone in the family. After all who doesn’t love tacos?

Meredith Reilly, Director of Sales Administration shared, “Tomatoes and peppers are the perfect snacking accompaniment for our family beach outings. We love the juicy sweet flavor of Cherry no. 9.® tomatoes and the crunchy savory flavors of Sweet Bells® peppers that keep us going back for more.  We enjoy making this taco snacking board, a hands-down favorite with my three teenagers. All my kids enjoy eating Village Farms tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers from the time they were very young.  I feel fortunate they enjoy healthy eating as much as I do ”

Pictured: Meredith and her daughter, Molly

The last board is the toast of the town! This Mother’s Day, make Mom feel special by toasting her up a bit with this “A Toast to Mom” snack board. Full of a fun assortment of toast combinations it is sure to please. Village Farms Sinfully Sweet Campari® and the Luscious Seedless Long English® cucumbers are layered with cream cheese and avocado with a sprinkling of basil and dill.  Be sure to garnish with fresh herbs for an aromatic experience. Try gluten-free bread and dairy-free spread for a variation of flavors and to accommodate varying diets.

According to Lindsay Baldry, Foreign Worker Coordinator for Village Farms, “My sons and I love coming up with fun ways to eat, so a snack board full of healthy and flavorful toast options is a tasty way to start our day when we’re preparing for an adventure out on the town. Sinfully Sweet Campari® tomatoes add a delightfully sweet flavor, and Luscious Seedless Long English® Cucumbers are perfectly refreshing. Plus, they are both nutrient-dense and hydrating options, giving us the energy we need to make the most of our day. Truthfully, it is hard to pick which Village Farms variety is our favorite because they are all so full of flavor and we love them all.”

Pictured: Lindsay with her two sons, Lucas and Mateo

Whatever snack board you choose to celebrate with Mom this Mother’s Day be sure you add the secret ingredient of love in your creation and it will be fabulous. Cheers to all the wonderful Moms in our lives!