Serve a Slice of Sunshine


by Lindsay Freedman, The Toasted Pine Nut

When I think of summer food and treats one of the first things that pop into my head are tomatoes. Growing up in Jersey, summer was the signal that the most delicious tomatoes are about to descend upon us. Thanks to Village Farms we don’t have to wait for the typical tomato season anymore. Their delicious tomatoes are available year-round thanks to their sustainable growing practices.


Whether you’re slicing them for sandwiches, or throwing them in salads, there’s nothing quite like those juicy and sweet little bursts of yumminess. Even my kids pop them as snacks which always makes me smile.

Since summer is upon us, I thought making a fun tomato tart would be perfect for any family brunch or backyard barbeque! You can even make these into little tarts or play around with different shapes and sizes!

Recipe: Lorabella Blossom™ Fresh Summer Tomato Tart

I’m pretty psyched because Village Farms came out with a new tomato variety that I knew would make this tart even more sweet and special. Their Lorabella Blossom™ tomatoes are so perfectly sized and sweet. I’m telling you guys, these tomatoes are like dessert!

They are my favorite tomatoes yet! I always go for grape tomatoes because of their size and sweetness, and I love the Lorabella Blossom™ color and flavor! Something that makes them extra special is that they actually aren’t a grape tomato, but rather a cousin to the mini San Marzano tomato. San Marzano tomatoes are known the world over for their superior flavor and cooking quality.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the vibrant color of these little morsels. These orange tomatoes are known to contain a special type of lycopene that is more easily absorbed by the body. So let’s make a deliciously sweet summery tomato tart!

This post and recipe were created exclusively for Village Farms and originally appeared on The Toasted Pine Nut